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You've been presented with a consulting opportunity,
but obstacles stand in your way...

Defining the scope

Setting up an LLC

Collecting feedback

Getting an EIN

Drafting a contract

Running payroll

Tracking your time

Finding consulting resources

Undergoing negotiations

Designing a website

Business bank accounts

Drafting a statement of work

Cuvette Catalyzed supports science educators & researchers in fulfilling their clients' projects, providing access to a collaborative community of expertise.

We are not your boss.

We negotiate terms, manage administrative tasks, & collect feedback.

Service & Community

Instead, we provide services to lower the activation energy & catalyze your efforts.

Cuvette Catalyzed helps to dissolve the challenges of finding consultants, collaborators, or clients, negotiating contract terms, & managing the financial aspects of consulting.

We provide a centralized location for opportunities, streamlining the search process.

Handling negotiations & payroll removes a significant burden from consultants, allowing them to focus on the project.

Providing feedback reports, we also support professional growth & seek to build trust.


Most importantly, we connect you to a vibrant community of science education consultants who can offer support, collaboration, & share resources.

Here's how it works:

The Process.png

Bring in a client, be a client, or apply to become a consultant.

We will begin negotiations, paperwork, manage payroll, & collect client feedback.

The Process (2).png
The Process (3).png

You complete the project, fulfill the contract, get paid, & receive feedback.

Click "Get Started" if...

  • You have a client who wants you to work on a specific project with them,

  • You're seeking a consultant with a specific set of skills to fulfill your project, or

  • You're interested in becoming a consultant.

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